akAH: [[ junes is unfair / yosuke is in there / standing near the concession / plotting his oppression ]]
Googlybear <3: (( Fok ))



Yaay! I am so happy with my first ever twin-tail wig! ^0^ why haven’t I bougth this before&#160;?;v;

This is probably one of my favourite outfits I´ve ever done ;v;

My friend Josephine is so beautiful and sweet~!!! ♡

Some kids for the Underappreciated Characters Month!

and i just feel bad now bc i remember like three years ago when i was a sophomore a bunch of ppl i followed in the batman fandom started blogging about new vegas once it first came out and i was confused and disgruntled like

i knew so little what the hell was wrong w me

*think s about fallout*

@ v @

(( # V # )) 


Cosmic Rodent Patch Badge - Fiona Bear Claw