a pleasant sunset in the fields of moominvalley.. .! :^0 started out as work doodles, bt i had a lot of fun w it..,
morning post., ! :’^D this is a little old, probs frm like three weeks ago, so not too bad bt yeah ?? i love princess peach, shes so cute….

i had this intense elaborate dream abt being the protag of FNaF and like . idk there was some fucking intricate storyline and i was solving ~th mystery~ and i had to recruit bart simpson to help save my girlfriend from freddy fazbear’s pizza which looked like some retrofuturist alien mothership on the inside i ?? ? dont remember the resolution of that plotline but i distinctly remember thinking to myself “wow, I didnt think this was how the game goes but ok ???”

after that i dreamt i found some hidden cache of ho m estuck fanart in one of my year-old sketchbooks that i literally remembered nothing about and that was weird too ., 

i dont usually remember my dreams this well but Huh . Huh .

"Urban spaces have spirits, and cities have souls. Some are dangerous, menacing, but also seductive; others are marked by beauty and excess; others again by their dreariness or spookiness. These are contagious qualities that are said to seep into the character of the people living in such cities. […] Some urban spirits are global in reach, others mainly local or regional. They are reproduced in everyday stereotypes and mythologies. None of these are of course true in any sociological sense but the proliferating fantasmic and mythical qualities of cities and urban spaces are effective realities that shape the behaviour, cosmologies and desires of people in cities, or of those who visit them, imagine them, or describe them in narrative or imagery."
-Thomas Blom Hansen and Oskar Verkaaik, in Urban Charisma (via textbookmaneuver)

everyone has drawn their own gijinka of the cool ranch dorito guy probably…. but will that stop me????  no!!!! it wont!!  i am unstoppable!!!!!!

this fucking dress man

Day 1338 - 17 August 2014