my husbandos are all nonhuman cartoony cute things and my waifus are all Hot Controlling Women


leahcinnamon replied to your post: im gna be real honest with you all rig…

yeah I really dislike it too. I want them to be friends.

yea, same. and its like ? i think it bothers me that odin doesnt seem to respect ava’s choices or personal say in any matters that we’ve seen so far? 

i could see ava/odin if the narrative actually addressed that odin not listening to ava is a flaw, but i guess im just. bothered that instead of this happening, we get a few panels of like . kinda ham-fisted ~dorky romantic undertones~ i guess? idk. if youre gonna ship tease do it in a way that implies that both parties mutually respect each other is all im saying? i’d like ava to stand up for herself and odin to apologize and for them to be friends on a more equal grounds and then mb ava/odin could be okay.

im gna be real honest with you all right here for a second okay

if ava/odin becomes canon i will probably drop ava’s demon.

OKa y time to. ., draw and stop being Gay About Video Games


Eeveeloutions + Pikachu :3

you know for a guy whos like minutes away from unavoidable and possibly excruciating death youre actually pretty chill .